Mobile Phone Trends

Prophets of doom cell phone text message spy have posited a slump in sales for smart phones. With saturation of the market and a variety of cheaper devices, manufacturers will have to find small ways to up their game in order to keep up with the competition. So who will be the game changers and what will be the deal makers and breakers?

Cameras and Selfies

Smart Phone makers are forced to up their game in response to consumer needs. Original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are already taking up the challenge to improve performance of smart phone cameras. The key to this improvement lies in camera sensors. With sensors smart phone cameras will soon have capabilities of digital cameras allowing for taking pictures by merely pointing at the device.

Battery Life

The goal of engineers and designers has been to find out ways of striking a balance between bulkiness and increased battery life. In fact consumers would be willing to bear with thicker phones if only to extend batter life. 2016 has seen strides to this end with battery life striking the over 4000mA range. Battery technology is expected to steer towards the use of alternative sources to extend battery life.

Sizes and Resolutions of Smart Phones

In terms of size, phablets have in the past gotten tongues wagging. They have received mixed reactions, being considered rather odd at first at 7 inches in some circles while being applauded in others. The future does not portend an increase in size for the phablet. On the contrary, if Apple’s iPhone 6 or Samsung’s products are anything to go by, then 7 inch behemoths will give way to smaller phablets say 5.5 or 5.7 inches.
The non-phablets will probably settle at 5.0 inches or thereabouts. In terms of design, Samsung is promising to take it a notch higher with what they are calling the Samsung “Foldable Valley”. It is touted to have a plastic display that you can fold and unfold like a book giving forth to a portable device with a large screen.

A look at screen sizes is incomplete without attention to resolution. While the possibilities of 4K resolution on smaller handsets remain rather hazy, 2K and WQHD remain within reach. The expectation is that 720p will supplant qHD displays in virtually all smart phones.

The Future of Tablets

A gaze into the crystal glass in the past has often not revealed much in as far as tablets are concerned. Things are however looking up thanks to Apple steering the discourse on tablets away from being merely content consumption gadgets – browsing, reading, watching movies etc. Larger tablets have found a new lease of life as productivity slates allowing note taking, multi-tasking and new input methods. Of course, the software will have to improve to facilitate this new way of using tablets. Apples 3D touch technology offers a glimpse at the improvements that can be made to software revolutionize the way gadgets are used.

Smart Phone Accessories

Smart watches have made head waves ever since they entered the market. The infusion of Internet access coupled with voice control has propelled these watches beyond fitness tracking to a point rivaling smart phones. A lot of work, however, remains to be done in terms of hardware, design and reducing costs.

The Future of Wi-Fi

Enhancements in standardization promise faster network connectivity for mobile devices of the future. For instance, the enhancement of Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard to LTE-Advance will thrust bandwidth into the realm of gigabytes per second (Gbps). Thanks to the use of carrier aggregation technology, data speed is improved tremendously. Other revolutionary standards such as Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) will allow faster voice communication.